Havergal, Frances Ridley

Frances Ridley Havergal

Frances Ridley Havergal (1836–1879) was born in  Worcestershire, England. Her father, Rev. W. H. Havergal, was a vicar and a hymn writer. The name Ridley came from her godfather: W. H. Ridley, Rector of Hambleden, who descended from Bishop Ridley, the martyr. She was nicknamed "Little Quicksilver," because she was bright quick and clever. Her gifted intelligence allowed her to read at the age of three. She memorized many books of the Bible. Her mother Jane, died when she was 11 years old. She went to boarding school in Belmont. She went to school in Germany, at Louisenchule, when 16 years old until 1853. She was very active in the Y.W.C.A. and conducted weekly meetings. She traveled to Switzerland several times with different people. Intelligent and educated, her life was characterized by a deep earnest consecration to Jesus. She wrote many devotional books and hundreds of hymns and poems. Favorite hymns of hers are "Who is on the Lord's Side," "Lord Speak to me," "Truehearted Wholehearted," "Like a River Glorious," and "Take My Life and Let It Be."

Curiosmith features:


Father – Rev. William Henry Havergal (1793-1870) – rector of Astley, Worcestershire. (Hymn writer)

Mother – Jane Head (died in 1848, when Frances was 11).

Step mother - Caroline Ann Cooke (married in 1851).

Sister – Maria  Vernon  Graham  Havergal ( -1887)

Sister – Jane Miriam – Married Henry Crane of Oakhampton.

Brother - Henry East – vicar of Cople, Bedfordshire (died in 1875).

Sister – Ellen Prestage – married Giles Shaw.

Brother – Francis Tebbs (1829-1890) – vicar of Upton Bishop, married Isabel Susan.

Elizabeth Clay - Lifelong friend.

Baroness Helga von Cramm - Friend and illustrator of her books.

Agnes Giberne – Friend and author.

Thoughts of Frances R. Havergal:

1. Frances R. Havergal thoughts on sanctification. An excerpt from Chapter 1 of Kept for the Master's Use.

2. Frances R. Havergal thoughts on what we owe God as Christians. Her poem "Nothing to Pay."

3. Frances R. Havergal thoughts on self-willed sanctification. An excerpt from Chapter 1 of Kept for the Master's Use.

4. Frances R. Havergal thoughts on self-centered happiness. An excerpt from Chapter 4 of Kept for the Master's Use.

Her books include: 

  • Ben Brightboots. (a story)
  • Bruey: a Little Worker for Christ. (a story)
  • Children’s Chords.
  • Four Happy Days. (a story)
  • Ivy Leaves. (poems)
  • Kept for the Master’s Use. (exposition of the song “Take My Life and Let It Be”)
  • Letters of Frances Ridley Havergal.
  • Life Chords. (poems)
  • Life Echoes. (poems)
  • Life Mosaic. (poems)
  • Lilies and Shamrocks.
  • Little Pillows. (31 day devotional for children - evening)
  • Loyal Responses; or, Daily Melodies for the King’s Minstrels. (31 day devotional)
  • Ministry of Song. (poems)
  • Morning Bells (31 day devotional for children - morning)
  • Morning Stars or Names of Christ for His Little Ones. (31 names of Christ devotional for children)
  • My King; or, Daily Thoughts for the King’s Children. (31 day devotional)
  • Royal Bounty; or, Evening Thoughts for the King’s Guests. (31 day devotional)
  • Royal Comfort. (selections of writings)
  • Royal Commandments; ,or, Morning Thoughts for the King’s Servants. (31 day devotional)
  • Sacred Songs for Little Singers. (songs for children)
  • Songs of Peace and Joy. (music with words)
  • Starlight Through the Shadows. (devotional)
  • Streamlets of Songs for the Young. (poems)
  • Swiss Letters and Alpine Poems. (letters and poems)
  • Royal Invitation (The); or, Daily Thoughts on Coming to Christ. (31 day devotional)
  • Under His Shadow. (poems)
  • Under the Surface. (poems)