Brownlee, William C.

William C. BrownleeWILLIAM CRAIG BROWNLEE, (1783(4)–1860), was born in Lanarkshire, Scotland. In 1803 he graduated with a Master’s degree from the University of Glasgow. In 1807 he married Mariah McDougall in Scotland. In 1808 he went to America, after being licensed to preach by the Presbytery of Sterling. In 1813 he was a pastor at the Associate Scotch Church at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1816 he took charge of the Academy of Queen’s College. In 1819 he went to the Presbyterian Church at Baskingridge, New Jersey. In 1824 he received an Honorary Doctorate Degree from the University of Glasgow. In 1825 he was appointed Professor of Languages in Rutgers College. In 1826 he was the pastor of the Collegiate Reformed Dutch Church in New York City. In 1843 he had a bad attack of paralysis and was disabled. He was the editor of “The Magazine of the Reformed Dutch Church,” and “The American Protestant Vindicator.” He wrote a novel called “The Whigs of Scotland.”


Curiosmith features:

An Appeal to the Patriot

The Dying Testimony of Believers and Unbelievers.

The Spoiled Child


Booklist of William C. Brownlee:

  • An Earnest Appeal to Christians on the Duty of Making Efforts and Sacrifices for the Conversion of the World
  • Appeal to the Patriot and Christian on the Importance of the Gospel, its Ministry, its Sabbath, and its Ordinances to the Well-Being and Perpetuity of Our Free Institutions.
  • Brownlee on Baptism
  • Brownlee on Quakerism
  • Christian Father at Home
  • Christian Youth's Book and Manual for Young Communicants
  • Converted Murderer (The)
  • Deity of Christ
  • Dying Testimony of Believers and Unbelievers
  • General’s Widow (The)
  • History of Western Apostolic Churches
  • Inquiry into the Religious Principals of the Society of Quakers
  • Letters in the Roman Catholic Controversy
  • Lights and Shadows of Christian Life: Designed for the Instruction of the Young
  • Magazine of the Reformed Dutch Church (The)
  • On Popery
  • On Roman Catholic Controversy
  • On the Deity of Christ
  • Popery an Enemy to Civil and Religious Liberty: and Dangerous to Our Republic
  • Roman Catholic Controversy (The)
  • Roman Catholic Religion Viewed in the Light of History and Prophecy (The)
  • Spoiled Child (The)
  • St. Patrick; or, The Ancient Religion of the Irish
  • Thoughts on Religious Education and Early Piety
  • Whigs of Scotland (The), a Romance


Memorial of the Rev. William C. Brownlee, D.D. (New York: Consistory of the Collegiate Ref. Prot. Dutch Church, 1860).