Hallock, William A.

WILLIAM ALLEN HALLOCK, (1794-1880) was born in Plainfield, Massachusetts. His father, Moses Hallock, was a minister and an educator. William attended Williams College and then Andover Theological Seminary. He became corresponding secretary to the American Tract Society for many years and examined every manuscript for publication. He was editor of The American Messenger and The Child's Paper. He wrote books about Justin Edwards and Harlan Page.


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American Tract Society tracts he wrote:



  • Memoir of Harlan Page: The Power of Prayer and Personal Effort for the Souls of Individuals.
  • Light and Love: A Sketch of the Life and Labors of the Reverend Justin Edwards, D. D., the Evangelical Pastor; The Advocate of Temperance, the Sabbath, and the Bible.
  • The Venerable Mayhews and the Aboriginal Indians of Martha's Vineyard; condensed from Rev. Experience Mayhew's history printed in London in 1727, and brought down to the present century. (editor)
  • Brief Sketch of the Hallock Ancestry in the United States, 1866.



Father—Moses Hallock, pastor in Plainfield, MA.

Mother—Margaret Allen.



Brother—Homan, Missionary printer in Malta and Smyrna.


Uncle (paternal)—Rev. Jeremiah Hallock of Canton, CT.


Wife (First)—Fanny Leffingwell Lathrop died in 1867.

Wife (Second)—Mary A. Lathrop.

Son—William A., died young.





Daughter—Frances, married John E. Johnson.