Doddridge, Philip

Philip DoddridgePhilip Doddridge (1702–1751) was born in London, England. His parents taught him religion from a very early age, but they died in his youth. He attended a private school at St. Albans. He became a member of a non-conformist congregation at St. Albans pastored by Rev. Samuel Clark. Samuel Clark offered to take him under his care to study for the ministry. He finished his studies in 1722 and obtained a license to preach. His first pastorate was at Kibworth succeeding Dr. Jennings. In 1725, he moved to Market Harborough and in 1729 became the assistant pastor to Rev. Stone in Market Harborough. He then accepted an invitation to pastor at Northampton in the winter of 1729. His popular title Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul has been used to great effect in the lives of Wiliam Wilberforce and Sir James Stonehouse among others.

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Christ Formed in the Soul: The Only Foundation of Hope for Eternity

Booklist for Philip Doddridge:

  • Christ's Gracious Invitation to Thirsty Souls
  • Evidences of Christianity
  • Evil and Danger of Neglecting Men's Souls (The)
  • Family Expositor (The)
  • Hymns
  • Lectures on Pneumatology, Ethics and Divinity
  • Lectures on Preaching, and the Several Branches of the Ministerial Office
  • Life and Character of the Rev. Thomas Steffe
  • Memoirs of Colonel Gardiner
  • Practical Discourses on Regeneration
  • Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul (The)
  • Scripture Doctrine of Salvation by Grace (Two sermons)
  • Sermons to Young Persons
  • Submission to Divine Providence in the Death of Children
  • Ten Sermons on the Power and Grace of Christ, and on the Evidences of his Glorious Gospel