Cowper, John

Rev. John Cowper (1737–1770) was born in the rectory at Berkhampstead, England. His father was Rev. Dr. John Cowper, a distinguished Chaplin, and his mother died within a week of his birth. He was sent to school at Felstead in Essex. In 1754 he went to the University of Cambridge and entered Corpus Christi College (Bene’t College). In 1859 he was appointed “Spenser Scholar.” He also taught privately. He was ordained in 1761 (Letters Testimonial for Deacon’s orders to Sr Cowper). He then sought his M.A. degree at Cambridge. In 1765, he was a lecturer at Cambridge and a vicar of Foxton. In 1767 he was elected to preach sermons at Norfolk and was also appointed College Bursar. He was a scholarly poet and a man of the Greek, Latin, and Hebrew languages. It was not until his last days’ sickness that he found the light of Gospel truth and faith.

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