Flavel, John

John FlavelJohn Flavel (1630–1691) was born at Bromsgrove in Worcesterchire, England. His father, Richard Flavel, was a reverend also. He was educated at University College, Oxford. In 1650 he became rector at Diptford, Devonshire and stayed for six years. He moved to Dartmouth in 1656. In 1662 he was removed for non-conformity to the Act of Uniformity, but he continued to preach in private. During this time he moved around to Slapton, Dartmouth, and London. He was married four times, and died of paralysis in Exeter.

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A Gift for Mourners


Booklist for John Flavel:

  • Antipharmacum Saluberrimum, or a Serious and Seasonable Caveat to All the Saints in this Hour of Temptation.
  • Balm of the Covenant applied to the Bleeding Wounds of afflicted Saints (The)
  • Blow at the Root, (A) with a first and second appendix
  • Character of a True Evangelical Pastor (The)
  • Christ Altogether lovely
  • Coronation Sermon (A)
  • Divine Conduct, or the Mystery of Providence Opened
  • Double Scheme of Sins and Duties (A)
  • England’s Duty under the Present Gospel Liberty
  • Exposition of the Assemblies Shorter Catechism (An)
  • Faithful and Succinct Account of some Late and Wonderful Sea Deliverances (A)
  • Familiar Conference between a Minister and a Doubting Christian Concerning the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper (A)
  • Fountain of Life Opened Up (The); or, A Display of Christ in His Essential and Mediatorial Glory
  • Gospel Unity Recommended to the Churches of Christ
  • Husbandry Spiritualized
  • Hymn on Romans 5:6, 11 (A)
  • Method of Grace in the Gospel Redemption
  • Mount Pisgah, or a Thanksgiving Sermon for England’s Delivery from Popery
  • Navigation Spiritualized; or, A New Compass for Seamen
  • Pathetic and Serious Dissuasive from the Horrid and Detestable Sins of Drunkenness, Swearing, Uncleanness, Forgetfulness of Mercies, Violation of Promises, and Atheistical Contempt of Death (A)
  • Personal Reformation
  • Planelogia, A Succinct and Seasonable Discourse on the Occasions, Causes, Nature, Rise, Growth and Remedies of Mental Errors
  • Pneumatologia, the Treatise of the Soul of Man
  • Practical Treatise of Fear, (A) Wherein the Various Kinds, Uses, Causes, Effects and Remedies thereof are Distinctly Open and Prescribed
  • Preparation for Sufferings, or the Best Work in the Worst Times
  • Reasonableness of Personal Reformation and the Necessity of Conversion
  • Remains
  • Reply to Mr. Philip Cary's Solemn Call (A)
  • Righteous Man’s Refuge (The)
  • Sacramental Meditations upon Divers Places in Scripture
  • Saint Indeed (A)
  • Seaman’s Companion (The)
  • Table or Scheme of the Sins and Duties of Believers (A)
  • Token for Mourners (A)
  • Touchstone of Sincerity (The)
  • 'Tydings from Rome, or England's Alarm
  • Vindiciae Legis et Foederis
  • Vindiciarum Vindex, or, A Refutation of the Weak and Impertinent Rejoinder of Mr. Philip Carey