Cecil, Richard

Richard CecilRICHARD CECIL (1748–1810) was born in London, England. He studied at Queens college, Oxford in 1773, he was ordained deacon in 1776, and he became priest in 1777. When he served three churches in Leicestershire, he found little real religion and he helped people to become believers. He then moved to be rector at Lewes. His longest ministry was in 1870 when he became minister at St. John’s Bedford Row. When in 1898 he became sick, he was unable to preach. But in 1800 he moved to Chobham and Bisley, where he found unbelieving people. Then in 1807 he became very sick and died 1810.

Curiosmith features:

A Gift for Mourners - contains A Friendly Visit to the House of Mourning


Booklist for Richard Cecil:

  • Favourite Passages in Modern Christian Biography
  • Friendly Visit to the House of Mourning (A)
  • Hymns
  • Memoir of John Bacon Esquire, a distinguished sculptor
  • Memoir of John Newton
  • Memoir of Rev. W. B. Cadogan, Rector of St. Luke’s, Chelsea
  • Memoirs of Mrs. Hawkes, late of Islington (Catherine Cecil)
  • Original thoughts on various passages of Scripture; being the substance of sermons preached by the late Rev. Richard Cecil, A. M. (Catherine Cecil and Sarah Hawkes)
  • Sermons