Burr, Enoch F.

ENOCH FITCH BURR (1818–1907) was born at Green’s Farms, Connecticut. He attended Yale and graduated in 1839. He spent a few years in New Haven doing theological and scientific studies. He traveled a year with his brother, also a pastor. In 1850, he became pastor of the Congregational Church of Hamburg in Lyme, Connecticut, where he remained for his life. He married Harriet Angeline Lord in 1851. In 1868 he was appointed lecturer on the Scientific Evidences of Religion at Amherst College. He is known as a scientist as well as a pastor.

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Facts in Aid of Faith


Enoch F. Burr booklist:

  • About Spiritualism
  • Ad Fidem
  • Aleph, the Chaldean
  • Celestial Empires
  • Consensus of Faith
  • Dio the Athenian
  • Doctrine of Evolution
  • Ecce Coelum
  • Ecce Terra
  • Facts in Aid of Faith
  • From Dark to Day, a poem
  • Long Ago as Interpreted by the 19th Century
  • Pasce Agnos
  • Pater Mundi
  • Song of the Sea (A), an illustrated poem
  • Sunday Afternoons for Little People
  • Tempted to Unbelief
  • Toward the Strait Gate
  • Treatise on the Application of the Calculus to the Theory of Neptune (A)
  • Universal Beliefs
  • Voyage (The) and other Poems
  • Work in the Vineyard