Jowett, John H.

John Henry Jowett (1864-1923) was born in Halifax, Yorkshire, England. He grew up in a Christian family and was educated at Airedale College, Bradford, the University of Edinburgh and Mansfield College, Oxford. He served at St. James Congregational Church in Newcastle (1890–1895), Carr’s Lane Congregational Chapel in Birmingham (1895–1911), Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York City (1911–1917), and Westminster Chapel in London (1918–1922). He was a very respected and popular preacher.

Curiosmith features:

The Sliver Lining: Messages of Hope and Cheer.


John H. Jowett booklist:

  • Apostolic Optimism and Other Sermons
  • Best of John Henry Jowett (The) (complied by Gerald Kennedy)
  • Brooks by the Traveller’s Way: Twenty-six Weeknight Addresses
  • Come Ye Apart: Daily Exercises in Prayer and Devotion
  • Daily Altar: A Prayer for Each Day
  • Eagle Life (The) and Other Studies in the Old Testament
  • Epistles of St. Peter (The): A Practical and Devotional Commentary
  • Folly of Unbelief (The): and Other Mediations for Quiet Moments
  • Friend on the Road (The) and Other Studies in the Gospels
  • From Strength to Strength
  • God - Our Contemporary: Sermons for the Times
  • High Calling: Meditations on St. Paul’s Letter to the Philippians
  • King’s Guest’s (The)
  • Life in the Heights: Studies in the Epistles
  • Meditations for Quiet Moments
  • My Daily Meditation for the Circling Year
  • Our Blessed Dead
  • Passion for Souls (The)
  • Preacher (The): His Life and Work
  • Redeemed Family of God (The): Studies in the Epistles of Peter
  • School of Calvary (The)
  • Sharing His Sufferings; or, The School of Calvary
  • Silver Lining (The): Messages of Hope and Cheer
  • Spirit of Christmas (The) [A Prayer]
  • Springs in the Desert: Studies in the Psalms
  • Things that Matter Most: Devotional Papers
  • Thirsting for the Springs: Twenty-six Weeknight Meditations
  • Transfigured Church (The)
  • Whole Armour of God (The)
  • Yet Another Day: A Prayer for Every Day of the Year