Kimball, James W.

JAMES WILLIAM KIMBALL (1812–1885) was born in Salem, Massachusetts. He attended Yale for the ministry but did not complete his degree for health reasons. He married Mary S. Tappan in 1838 and had seven children. He was a commercial agent in Boston by profession and had an active writing ministry. He wrote many tracts and several books on Christian topics.

Curiosmith features:

How to See Jesus with Fullness of Joy and Peace.


James W. Kimball booklist:

  1. An Index to the Bible
  2. Beloved Disciple (The)
  3. Christian Ministry (The): Miscellanies for Candidates
  4. Encouragements to Faith
  5. Faith and How to Come By It
  6. Friendly Words with Fellow Pilgrims
  7. Heaven, My Father’s House
  8. How to See Jesus
  9. Only Believe; or, the Hungering Soul Fed
  10. Orient