Gasparin, Agénor de

COUNT AGÉNOR DE GASPARIN Count Agénor de Gasparin (1810-1871) was born at Orange, France. His father was a distinguished statesman of France. At twelve he went to the Academy Louis le Grand. At twenty-three he entered public life in the Ministry of the Interior. Soon he was appointed Head of the Cabinet of the Ministry of the Interior and moved on to other positions. After nine years he moved to Switzerland and took up oration and writing. The Bible was at the center of his life and he would say “The trumpet of Jesus never sounds retreat.”

Curiomsith features:

Happiness: Discourses Delivered at Geneva


Count Agénor de Gasparin Booklist:
(Also many French books.)

  1. America Before Europe. Principles and Interests (translated by Mary Booth)
  2. Happiness: Discourses Delivered at Geneva (translated by Mary Booth)
  3. Schools of Doubt and the School of Faith (The) (translated by Robert B. Watson)
  4. Science vs. Modern Spiritualism (translated by E. W. Robert) with an introduction by Rev. Robert Baird.
  5. Uprising of a Great People (The). The United States in 1861 (translated by Mary Booth)