Baker, Sarah Schoonmaker

Also called Aunt Friendly, Mrs. Woods Baker, Sarah S. Baker.

SARAH SCHOONMAKER TUTHILL (1824-1906) was born in New Haven, Connecticut. The Sarah Schoonmaker name comes from her grandmother. She is the youngest daughter of Cornelius Tuthill Esq. and Mrs. Louisa Caroline Higgins, who were both writers and enjoyed books. Her father died when she was one year old. She married Woods Baker in 1851 who worked for the U. S. Coast Survey, who died in 1852. They had one child. She moved to Sweden in 1876. Some of her works are translated into French, Italian and Swedish.

Sarah Schoonmaker Baker book descriptions.


Curiosmith features:

Charlie the Drummer Boy.


Books and stories she wrote:


Amy and Her Brothers.

Aunt Friendly Books.

Barton Todd.

Belle, or the Promised Blessing.

Bound Out or Abby at the Farm.

Buster and Baby Jim.

Charlie the Drummer Boy.

Cheerily, Cheerily.

Chosen Friends.

Christian Effort.

Climbing the Glacier.

Emily and Uncle Hanse.

Fidgety Skeery, or Coming to the Light.

Fireside Sketches from Swedish Life.

Gentle Gracie.

Hannah's Path.

Hatty and Marcus.

Heart and Hand.

Joe's Partner.

Kate Darley.

Kelly Nash.

Kit the Street Boy.

Little Josey.

Little Musicians.

Little Pete.

Love's Lesson.

Lucy's Pet.

Maggie of the Pines.

Mary Burns, or Besetting Sins.

Miss Kitty's Little Maid.

Old Enoch's Verbena.

Our Elder Brother.

Pictures of Swedish Life.

Poor Little Joe

Poor Little Joe.


Simple Facts.

Strangers in Greenland.

The Babes in the Basket.

The Blue Flag.

The Boy Friend, or Charlie Clement.

The Boy Patriot.

The Children on the Plains.

The Country Visit, or London Cousins.

The Edinburgh Book. 

The Fisherman's Boy.

The Jewish Twins, or Truth and Its Triumph.

The Little Housekeeper.

The Little Swedish Baron.

The Miner's Daughter.

The New Parasol.

The Orange Seed.

The Picket Guard.

The Swedish Twins.

The Woodman's Nannette.

Timid Lucy.

Under the Pear Tree.

Visit to Derby, or Minnie and Her Nurse.