Lyster, Annette

Annette Thomasina Lyster (1831–1908) was born in Dublin, Ireland. Her parents were Rear Admiral Henry Lyster and Elizabeth Hatton. She wrote mostly children's books. They were published by The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge and The Religious Tract Society. Her principal works include: "Riding Out the Gale," "Midshipman Archie" and "Bryan and Katie."

Curiosmith features:

The Boy Who Never Lost a Chance

Books by Annette Lyster:

  • Alone in Crowds; or, Kindlup Tower
  • Another Such Victory
  • An Unwilling Witness
  • Bit of Fun (A), and What It Cost
  • Boy Who Never Lost a Chance (The); or, Roger Reed's History
  • Bryan and Katie
  • Chryssie's Hero
  • Clarice Egerton Life Story; or, What She Could
  • Daddy's Right Hand
  • Doctor L'Estrange: a Novel
  • Dora and Nora
  • Dorothy the Dictator
  • Edwy; or, Was He a Coward?
  • Faithful: the Story of Daisy May
  • Fan's Silken String
  • Fortunes of Peggy Treherne
  • Friendly Words from an Old Maid to Young Maids
  • Grannie
  • Invasion of Ivylands (The)
  • Janet's Boys
  • Karl Krapp's Little Maidens
  • Leal Light Heart (A)
  • Midshipman Archie
  • Mother's Golden Guineas
  • Mrs. Dobb's Dull Boy
  • Muriel's Two Crosses
  • My Honourbright
  • My Lonely Lassie
  • North Wind and Sunshine
  • Oakhurst Manor
  • Out in the Cold
  • Piano in the Attic (The)
  • Ralph Trulock's Christmas Roses
  • Richard Kennaway's Wife
  • Riding Out the Gale
  • Robin Run-the-Hedge
  • Soldier's Son (A)
  • Those Unlucky Twins!
  • True Story of Long Ago (A)
  • Two Old Maids; or, Rosalind's Sisters
  • White Gipsy (The)
  • Worth While