Amy Le Feuvre Book Descriptions


Roses by Amy Le Feuvre.

Roses is a charming English story of a little motherless girl, whose father, being obliged to go to distant colonies, leaves her in the care of a fine old lady, where her life gives opportunity for the record of many quaint sayings and much pleasant description.—Wilbur B. Ketcham (1899).

Mrs. Fitzherbert was asked to take care of Dimple, an eight year old orphaned girl. She gave Dimple a plot of ground to grow her own garden. The book uses garden analogies to teach lessons throughout: "Yes, I see a lot of weeds this afternoon. A nasty ugly one has just cropped up, called disobedience; and impatience and self-will have been up some time, and are growing bigger every day." The story teaches that roses must have a gardener to grow well and so we see the need of God tending our souls.—Curiosmith (2015)