Amy Le Feuvre Book Descriptions


A Daughter of the Sea by Amy Le Feuve.


This gifted author here takes us to a rockbound coast of England and introduces us to a heroine as untamed as a sea-gull, but who proves the good-angel of a life-saving station. A wholesome story of a religious tone.—The Critic Vol 41 (1902).

Una Carteret was a strong, vigorous young woman who had grown up alone on a rock-bound coast of England, save for the presence of certain fisher-folk with whom she associated. Her guardian had been away from her for years, and she had been allowed to have her own way in everything. The guardian returning suddenly marries her to a man whom she scarcely knows. This and other events effect the whole trend of her life. There is a strong religious element in the story.—The Publishers Weekly (1902).

Una Carteret is an independent tomboy who loves shrimping and lobster-pots. When storms arise the fisher folk of the town collect at the beach to plunder pieces of the wrecked ships. Una is enraged by this injustice but fighting against it proves very dangerous. Many people are drifting in this small village and Jesus Christ is seen as a Lifeboat. Una said: "I know what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for me. This little boat I am standing in is a very poor type of what He is able to do for you. You are making shipwrecks of your souls, and He is the Lifeboat of the world. I found no real joy or peace till I stepped in."—Curiosmith (2015).

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