Amy Le Feuvre Book Descriptions


Odd by Amy Le Feuvre.

It was renamed The Odd One by Fleming H. Revell Co., editions of 1897 and 1907.

This story comes before Odd Made Even.

Betty is the odd child in the family because the other four are paired up. Bobby and Billy are babies and Molly and Douglas are the eldest. But she finds a pairing companionship in her dog, Prince. As theme to the story, Betty wants to understand the "tribulation" of Revelation 7:14. In her own way she sought answers to her questions.—Curosmith (2011).

Another of the charming child stories by this now well-known writer. The title describes the characteristics, and prepares the reader for the experiences, of the little girl who is the heroine of the tale, which is a graceful and touching story, full of Gospel teaching. The book is furnished with wide-margined pages, which are decorated with numerous drawings in Miss Lathbury's best style.—Fleming H. Revell Company (1897).

It is written with the same charming and engrossing style which readers of "Probable Sons" will remember.—The Congregationalist (1989).

The story of singular Betty, who prayed that she might have tribulation in order that she might attain heaven.—Christian World.