Amy Le Feuvre Book Descriptions


Teddy's Button by Amy Le Feuvre.

A button taken from the coat of his dying soldier father becomes Teddy's incentive to valiant deeds as a soldier of Christ.—Fleming H. Revell Company (1896).

A smile-provoking, tear-compelling, heart-inspiring book. I wish every mother would read it to her children.—The Rev. Thomas Spurgeon (1905).

Teddy's Button" is by the author of "Probable Sons," and it would be difficult to say which is the better.—The Life of Faith (1905). 

A lively little story, telling of a lad whose military spirit found satisfaction in enlisting in Christ's army and fighting God's battles.—The Christian (1905).

A captivating story. Teddy and Nancy win our hearts. Teddy's brave fight with himself commands admiration, and stout-hearted, handsome Nancy, a real girl in all her doings, conquers the heart. A very good story is this for the children.—The Christian Intelligencer (1897).

'Teddy's Button' was taken from the coat of his dying soldier father, and in the hands of the boy became a sort of talisman and an incentive to valiant service as a soldier of Jesus Christ. The story is one of fascinating interest, and the moral of it is not far to seek. The little folks will need no urging to read it.—The Evangelist (1902).

A proud Teddy tells the story behind a button taken from his father's coat after he died in battle. The new neighborhood girl, Nancy, dressed in a sailor's outfit brings challenges and trouble. Teddy loves all things related to soldiers and becomes a soldier in the Lord's army. This story highlights the everyday inner battles that a Christian faces, such as contention.—Curiosmith (2013).

The story is one of fascinating interest, and the moral of it is not far to seek.—The Evangelist (1898).


  • Chapter 1 - An Antagonist
  • Chapter 2 - When Greek Meets Greek
  • Chapter 3 - A Recruiting Sergeant
  • Chapter 4 - Enlisting for Life
  • Chapter 5 - First Victories
  • Chapter 6 - The Redcoats
  • Chapter 7 - Uplifted and Cast Down
  • Chapter 8 - In the Clover Field
  • Chapter 9 - Lost
  • Chapter 10 - Found


  • Teddy Platt — the boy with the button.
  • Teddy's mother — Young Mrs. John.)
  • Mrs. Platt (Father's mother) — Teddy's grandmother.
  • John Platt — Teddy's father who ran the farm.
  • Uncle Jake Platt — the voice of reason.
  • Nancy Wright — the girl who challenges Teddy.
  • Sam Waters — Teddy's friend.
  • Harry Brown — "Carrots" Teddy's friend.
  • Walter Saxby — Teddy's corporal friend.
  • Tim Stokes (Bouncer) — the soldier who is reforming his life.
  • Corporal Saxby — Teddy's Christian friend that is a soldier.

An important verse is "His banner over me was love."—Song of Solomon 2:4.

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