The Carved Cupboard by Amy Le Feuvre.


Notwithstanding the hint of mystery contained in the title, The Carved Cupboard, by Amy Le Feuvre, it is a prettily told story of the experiences of four young English girls who are left alone in the world. Their lives are placid enough, but the author has drawn four distinct types of girlhood so deftly as to make the story of their little struggles distinctly entertaining. There is, besides, a carved cupboard which may be opened by touching a spring in one of the panels, which supplies whatever may be lacking of mystery. This cupboard has been left in charge of the girls with the injunction that it is not to be opened until the son of the owner, who has been away for years, shall return. The son does return, and after quieting the vague rumors which have been circulated about the mysterious old cupboard, marries one of the girls.—Current Literature, Vol 26 (1899).

We recommend the book with thorough approval to all in search of gifts for girls.—Record.

Nanny gave the four sisters different verses from Psalm 37 to meditate on before she left. Then the sisters moved to a rented home where the owner was a woodcarver who had made an intricately carved cupboard. The house was taken under the condition that it was forbidden to open the cupboard. They wondered how it opened and what could be insde the mysterious cupboard. As the secret unfolded the sisters grew spiritually, each in their own way, each according to their prophetic verse.—Curiosmith (2015).