Eric's Good News by Amy Le Feuvre.


A story of the influence which Eric, a little invalid boy, had upon the life of a world-worn young man with whom he became acquainted at a seaside resort.—Fleming H. Revell Company (1897)

Eric Wallace is an invalid lad, delicate, sweet and winsome, who by precept and example leads erring and scoffing men to faith in Christ. The good work is done in a natural and perfectly childish way, without any painful exhibitions of precocity or goodishness. The story is simply a glimpse here and there into the life of a pure hearted, sweet natured, happy soul who leads others into the light because he is in the light himself. It is a tender and beautiful story of Christian influence, conduct and example.—Christian Work (1902).

 A simple tale, in which a little invalid lad is made the means of causing a careless, cynical man to think of truer and higher aims of life.—Schoolmaster.

Young Eric was disappointed as sat trying to get well. Captain Graham, a stranger he met on the beach, became a good friend. One day his dog retrieved an old book, the Gospel of Mark, from the ocean and it was used by God for opening his mind to Jesus. Eventually Eric's whole disposition was changed and he was made happy in Christ. Eric became a positive influence in the lives of those around him. A quote from the book: "'Ah! well!' he muttered, 'I envy that child's faith and happiness, and more than half feel inclined to follow his example. It is not a religion he has got hold of, but a real Person—it makes a vast difference, I fancy!'"—Curiosmith (2103).

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