Bunny's Friends by Amy Le Feuvre.


This is a little fairy tale, in which, through a little girl's fancies with regard to rabbits and ponies and moorland heather, some very beautiful lessons are taught.—Religious Tract Society (1908).

A charming tale for little readers.—The Christian World (1905).

Bunny is a little girl, and her friends are a rabbit, a pony and a lark. Each one narrates his experiences to the child as she is alone with him in the open room. Children will listen eagerly to the reading of these little tales, and will doubtless be profited by them.—N. Y. Observer (1902).

'Bunny' herself was not a rabbit, as one might suspect. She was a little lonely girl, and her name was Dora. She had a little, dark, silky head, and big, blue eyes, which were always staring out at the world with big thoughts behind them, and she was still only when some one told her a story.—Western Christian Advocate (1902).