Heaven, a World of Charity, or Love

Heaven a World of Charity or LoveBy Jonathan Edwards.

Heaven, a World of Charity, or Love was published in 1852 by Tryon Edwards, the great great grandson of Jonathan Edwards. It was part of a larger work called Charity and its Fruits; or, Christian Love As Manifested in the Heart and Life. The DOCTRINE of this sermon discusses the cause, objects, subjects, circumstances and effects of love in heaven. The APPLICATION of this sermon discusses how happy are those entitled to heaven and how bad hell is for the unredeemed, and a warning to turn to God. (36 pages)

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Two observations from the text. (Page 3.)

First, That it is mentioned as one great excellence of charity, that it shall remain when all other fruits of the Spirit have failed. (Page 3.)

Second, That this will come to pass in perfect state of the church, when that is in part shall be done away, and that is perfect is come. (Page 3.)


I. The cause and fountain of love in heaven. (Page 5.)

II. To the objects of love that it contains. (Page 6.)

1. There are none but lovely objects in heaven. (Page 6.)

2. They shall be perfectly lovely. (Page 7.)

3. Shall be all those objects that the saints have set their hearts upon, and which they have loved above all things while in this world. (Page 8.)

III. To the subjects of that love. (Page 9.)

IV. Of the principle of love in heaven. (Page 11.)

1. As to its nature. (Page 11.)

2. As to its degree. (Page 11.)

V. The excellent circumstances in which love shall be exercised and expressed, and enjoyed in heaven. (Page 14.)

1. Love in heaven is always mutual. (Page 14.)

2. The joy of heavenly love shall never be interrupted or damped by jealousy. (Page 15.)

3. There shall be nothing within themselves, to clog or hinder the saints in heaven, in the exercises and expressions of love. (Page 16.)

4. In heaven love will be expressed with perfect decency and wisdom. (Page 17.)

5. There shall be nothing external in heaven, to keep its inhabitants at a distance from each other, or to hinder their most perfect enjoyment of each other's love. (Page 17.)

6. In heaven all shall be united together in very near and dear relations. (Page 18.)

7. In heaven all shall have property and ownership in each other. (Page 18.)

8. In heaven they shall enjoy each others love in perfect and uninterrupted prosperity. (Page 19.)

9. In heaven all things shall conspire to promote their love, and give advantage for mutual enjoyment. (Page 20.)

10. The inhabitants of heaven shall know that they shall forever be continued in the perfect enjoyment of each other's love. (Page 20.)

VI. Of the blessed effects and fruits of this love, as exercised and enjoyed in these circumstances. (Page 21.)

1. The most excellent and perfect behavior of all the inhabitants of heaven toward God and each other. (Page 21.)

2. Perfect tranquillity and joy in heaven. (Page 22.)


1. If heaven be such a world as has been described, then we may see a reason why contention and strife tend to darken our evidence of fitness for its possession. (Page 25.)

2. How happy those are who are entitled to heaven. (Page 26.)

First, They are those that have had the principle or seed of the same love that reigns in heaven, implanted in their hearts, in this world, in the work of regeneration. (Page 26.)

Second, They are those who have freely chosen the happiness that flows from the exercise and enjoyment of such love as is in heaven, above all other conceivable happiness. (Page 27.)

Third, They are those who from the love that is in them, are in heart and life, in principle and practice, struggling after holiness. (Page 27.)

3. What has been said on this subject may well awaken and alarm the impenitent. (Page 28.)

First, By putting them in mind of their misery, in that they have no portion or right in this world of love. (Page 28.)

Secondly, By showing them that they are in danger of hell, which is a world of hatred. (Page 29.)

4. Let the consideration of what has been said of heaven, stir up all earnestly to seek after it. (Page 32.)

First, Let not your heart go after the things of this world, as your chief good. (Page 34.)

Second, You must, in your meditations and holy exercises, be much engaged in conversing with heavenly persons, and objects, and enjoyments. (Page 35.)

Third, Be content to pass through all difficulties in the way to heaven. (Page 35.)

Fourth, In all your way let your eye be fixed on Jesus, who has gone to heaven as your forerunner. (Page 35.)

Fifth, If you would be in the way to the world of love, see that you live a life of love; of love to God, and love to men. (Page 36.)