The Spoiled Child

The Spoiled ChildThe Spoiled Child by William C. Brownlee

An authentic narrative of a wealthy, morally upright man that was well respected in his town. When his only son grew to seventeen, he began to see that the boy was spoiled. He lamented his inability to discipline his child as was properly needed. Brownlee speaks of what a spoiled child looks like and what is needed for correction. He points to disrespect for God, wrong associations, no love for church and too much money at their disposal as causes for children to develop bad character. He made a point of how to gain true submission and reverence for parents. The pastor visited the son years later when he is into his adult life, and saw desolation and wretchedness.

The American Tract Society description: The effects of early indulgence, bad company, profusion of money, etc., in a life of intemperance and a premature death.

Paperback 4X6, 82 pages, 1 illustration, Look inside at, ISBN 9781941281895; Vintage Chapbook Series