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The Hairs of Your Head Numbered

The Hairs of Your Head NumberedThe Hairs of Your Head Numbered by Charles H. Spurgeon.

Spurgeon explores four different topics that pertain to Matthew 10:30: "But the very hairs of your head are all numbered." God's providence guided by divine foresight; His knowledge of every intimate detail of life; His valuation of everyday people that gives them great worth; and His preservation to eternal life so that no harm can befall a believer. These promises help to encourage believers and bring a valuable reassurance of God's special love. The sermon was updated to modern language. Quote: "If even the very hairs of our head are all numbered, if everything be really ordained of the Most High concerning His people, let us rejoice in the divine appointment, and take it as it comes, and praise His name, whether our allotment be rough or smooth, bitter or sweet." The text was updated to modern language. Paperback 5.25X8, 38 pages. link; ISBN 9781941281079

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Nelly's Dark Days

Nelly's Dark DaysNelly's Dark Days by Hesba Stretton.

Nelly, an eight year old girl, was locked out of her home and left to freeze in the snow and cold. These were dark days because money was scarce and her father was drunk. Fortunately, Nelly had a friend, Bessie, who took care of her, while she waited for her father to reform. Finally, Rodney came to the end of himself and began to cry out to God to help him. An important verse is 2 Corinthians 12:9—"My grace is sufficient for thee; for my strength is made perfect in weakness."

Paperback 6X9, 72 pages, 6 illustrations. link; ISBN 9781941281109


Songs in the Night

Songs in the Night by Charles H. Spurgeon.Songs in the Night

"Songs in the Night" is a poetic phrase from Job 35:10 which describes God's strength given to believers to sing and praise God while in affliction. Spurgeon describes the origin of the songs, the content of the songs, the different qualities of the songs, and how God might use the songs. Spurgeon exhorts us "to carry a smile, for you will cheer up many a poor, wayward pilgrim by it." This is the complete version of this very popular sermon and was updated to modern language. Paperback 8X5.25, 44 pages. link; ISBN 9781941281086

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Twelve Sermons on Vital Questions

Twelve Sermons on Vital QuestionsTwelve Sermons on Vital Questions by Charles H. Spurgeon.

Charles Spurgeon answers essential spiritual questions. Will God be merciful if we come to him? Are we worshiping for selfish reasons? Are we responsible for others in our teachings, example and sharing of the gospel? Do we truly "know" Christ, or do we only know doctrine and facts about Christ? Are we prepared to die? How do we obtain faith? Are we on the Lord's side in different life issues? and Do we really believe on the Son of God? These are deep questions believers and unbelievers would benefit by earnestly answering. The twelve sermons are titled: Who Can Tell?, God or Self—Which?, Am I Clear of His Blood?, Do You Know Him?, Are You Prepared to Die?, How Can I Obtain Faith?, For Whom Is the Gospel Meant?, Am I My Brother's Keeper?, On Whose Side Are You?, May I?, And Why Not Me?, And the Question of Questions.

Paperback 6X9, 232 pages. link; ISBN 9781941281017

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The King's Daughter

The King's DaughterThe King's Daughter by Pansy.

Dell, a committed Christian and temperance worker, was anguished when she moved back to her father’s village tavern. Challenged to do good, she found much opposition when she ran the household in a bright, clean way. She repeatedly had to go back to her heavenly Father for strength and direction.

“She had forgotten for a moment whose child she was. The King’s Daughter! She must not forget that. Truly she had a Father whom not only all the earth but all heaven adored.” An important verse is Isaiah 55:8—“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.”

Paperback 6X9, 192 pages. ISBN 9781941281048; link


The Clue of the Maze

The Clue of the MazeThe Clue of the Maze: A Voice Lifted Up in Honest Faith by Charles H. Spurgeon.

Spurgeon's own experiences in the maze of life help others fight doubt. The book is not meant to be a formal argument but is given "to assist a friend." As the preface says: "How I have personally threaded the labyrinth of life thus far, may be of helpful interest to some other soul which just now is in a maze. I hope that by these pages some true heart may be assisted to 'fight his doubts and gather strength.'" The book contains 70 passages to help a person in times of doubt.

Paperback 6X9, 102 pages. link; ISBN 9781941281062


Sermons in Candles

Sermons in CandlesSermons in Candles by Charles H. Spurgeon.

Candles commonly illuminated homes and churches. Spurgeon presents many different kinds of candles, their accessories, their history and their uses, and teaches a corresponding spiritual lesson. Some examples include: "Grace is like the light of a candle helping those around it," "Bibles which are never read are like lanterns which are never turned on," and "Always put the weaker brother in the place of honor if you can, and thus make the best use of his light." This book is richly illustrated to help explain the concepts.

Paperback 6X9, 120 pages, 68 illustrations. link; ISBN 9781941281055

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The Home at Greylock

The Home at GreylockThe Home at Greylock by Elizabeth Prentiss.

When the large family came together for Christmas at Greylock there was much discussion about children and how to raise them. Mrs. Grey left a legacy of wisdom and comfort to all who knew her. "To follow in the footsteps of that venerated and beloved one [Mrs. Grey], was ambition enough for her; to serve God as she had served Him, to lend herself to every human soul that needed her, as she had done; this was her choice. The humble pathway was little heeded by a world that, struggling for the honors of life, cannot conceive of their being deliberately put by. But it was watched by the eye of God, and how often He met her upon and blessed her in it, is known only to Him." Paperback 6X9, 236 pages. ISBN 9781941281031; link


Fred, and Maria, and Me

Fred, Maria, and MeFred, and Maria, and Me by Elizabeth Prentiss.

This is an amusing story of Aunt Avery and her nephew, Fred, who was always asking for help. Her soft heart gave him money to get his business going and for whatever else. Aunt Avery, who had never been 20 miles from where she was born, lacked knowledge in the ways of the world. She was unsettled when she went to New York and saw what Fred was doing with the money, but Aunt Avery's quaint ways that were based on the Bible were honored by God.

Paperback 6X9, 52 pages, 5 illustrations. ISBN 9781941281024; link


John Ploughman's Pictures

John Ploughman's PicturesJohn Ploughman's Pictures: More of His Plain Talk for Plain People by Charles H. Spurgeon.

John Ploughman's Pictures was inspired by the immense circulation and influence for good of the previous volume John Ploughman's Talk. Spurgeon wrote the chapters in a mirthful vein but with the serious purpose to help "men climb to better things." Numerous sources contributed to this collection of wisdom to encourage temperance, diligence, and common sense. He had the chapters richly illustrated with 39 illustrations.

Paperback 6X9, 162 pages, 39 illustrations. link; ISBN 9781935626299