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Two Secrets

Two SecretsTwo Secrets by Hesba Stretton.

Amos and Joanna Terry lived a simple life with their crippled child Charlotte. Amos who was a postman for 37 years, helped a vagrant child who was drowning in a stream and so he missed delivering an important piece of mail. Amos became sick and Joanna took over the mail route, and she knew something that she kept secret. Amos knew of a second secret that led to the surprise ending. This short story is about trusting in God's providence. An important verse is Matthew 10:31: "Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows."

Paperback 4X6, 62 pages. link; ISBN 9781941281185; Pocket Moral Stories


Free Will—A Slave

Free Will—A SlaveFree Will—A Slave by Charles H. Spurgeon.

Spurgeon examines the nature of "free will," and uses the text John 5:40, "You will not come to me, that you might have life." He observes: "The will is well known by all to be directed by the understanding, to be moved by motives, to be guided by other parts of the soul, and to be a secondary thing." He puts forth the Calvinist doctrine that a person cannot come to Christ by their own means, but Christ must come to the person. He expounds on the nature of legal, spiritual and eternal deadness and how people are unable to overcome this by themselves. He then goes on to describe legal, spiritual and eternal life that is in Christ Jesus. The text was updated to modern language.

Paperback 5.25X8, 38 pages. link; ISBN 9781941281154

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Supposing Him to Be the Gardener

Supposing Him to Be the GardenerSupposing Him to Be the Gardener by Charles H. Spurgeon.

This sermon grew out of John 20:15: "Supposing him to be the gardener." Spurgeon used an extensive well-tended garden as a setting for this discourse, probably Dr. Bennet's large garden in Mentone, which Spurgeon frequently visited. When Jesus Christ is the gardener of creation it leads to many inferences: it spurs people to their duties, it relieves people from responsibilities they should never assume, it delivers people from fears, it is a warning for the careless, it is a calming influence to those who complain and lastly it is an outlook full of hope. Spurgeon said he is "hoping that I may open many roads of meditation for your hearts . . . to indicate in which direction you may look for a vein of precious ore." The text was updated to modern language.

Paperback 5.25X8, 38 pages. link; ISBN 9781941281161

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The Greatest Fight in the World

The Greatest Fight in the WorldThe Greatest Fight in the World by Charles H. Spurgeon.

The greatest fight in the world is the lifework of fighting against false doctrine, worldliness, error and sin. Spurgeon was excited about the 1891 College Conference when he wrote, "my very soul is on fire with a desire for a special blessing from the Lord." This sermon was Spurgeon's Final Manifesto and his last annual Presidential Address given to The Pastors' College Evangelical Association. His extensive vision covers three headers: God's Word (20 topics), the Church (10 topics) and the Holy Spirit (17 topics). The address covers many fundamental considerations of the Christian minister's life, but is useful to any Christian. The text was updated to modern language.

Paperback 5.25X8, 94 pages. link; ISBN  9781941281147


Gems from Spurgeon

Gems from SpurgeonGems from Spurgeon: Extracts from the Notebook of a Nonprofessional Reporter by Charles H. Spurgeon.

Gems from Spurgeon is a collection of wisdom divided up into thirty topics. Each of these chapters contains a collection of insightful paragraphs on themes such as heaven, faith, providence, prayer and love. Published in 1858, the material was gathered from Spurgeon's formative years while he preached at The New Park Street Chapel. This book would make a great one month devotional. The text was updated to modern language.

Paperback 6X9, 118 pages. link; ISBN 9781941281130


Baptismal Regeneration

Baptismal RegenerationBaptismal Regeneration by Charles H. Spurgeon.

Spurgeon felt strongly against the doctrine that the baptism of an adult or infant can save a soul. The doctrine was found in the Book of Common Prayer and was practiced by the Church of England. He warned that the idea was misleading and people might go to hell because of it. Spurgeon presented certain facts which disputed the doctrine. He also outlined the correct doctrine of faith in Jesus Christ for salvation. Spurgeon called for the fiery vehemence of a John Knox or Martin Luther to "rouse our hearts to action." The sermon was updated to modern language.

Paperback 5.25X8, 50 pages. link; ISBN 9781941281093

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The Hairs of Your Head Numbered

The Hairs of Your Head NumberedThe Hairs of Your Head Numbered by Charles H. Spurgeon.

Spurgeon explores four different topics that pertain to Matthew 10:30: "But the very hairs of your head are all numbered." God's providence guided by divine foresight; His knowledge of every intimate detail of life; His valuation of everyday people that gives them great worth; and His preservation to eternal life so that no harm can befall a believer. These promises help to encourage believers and bring a valuable reassurance of God's special love. The sermon was updated to modern language. Quote: "If even the very hairs of our head are all numbered, if everything be really ordained of the Most High concerning His people, let us rejoice in the divine appointment, and take it as it comes, and praise His name, whether our allotment be rough or smooth, bitter or sweet." The text was updated to modern language. Paperback 5.25X8, 38 pages. link; ISBN 9781941281079

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Nelly's Dark Days

Nelly's Dark DaysNelly's Dark Days by Hesba Stretton.

Nelly, an eight year old girl, was locked out of her home and left to freeze in the snow and cold. These were dark days because money was scarce and her father was drunk. Fortunately, Nelly had a friend, Bessie, who took care of her, while she waited for her father to reform. Finally, Rodney came to the end of himself and began to cry out to God to help him. An important verse is 2 Corinthians 12:9—"My grace is sufficient for thee; for my strength is made perfect in weakness."

Paperback 6X9, 72 pages, 6 illustrations. link; ISBN 9781941281109


Songs in the Night

Songs in the Night by Charles H. Spurgeon.Songs in the Night

"Songs in the Night" is a poetic phrase from Job 35:10 which describes God's strength given to believers to sing and praise God while in affliction. Spurgeon describes the origin of the songs, the content of the songs, the different qualities of the songs, and how God might use the songs. Spurgeon exhorts us "to carry a smile, for you will cheer up many a poor, wayward pilgrim by it." This is the complete version of this very popular sermon and was updated to modern language. Paperback 8X5.25, 44 pages. link; ISBN 9781941281086

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Twelve Sermons on Vital Questions

Twelve Sermons on Vital QuestionsTwelve Sermons on Vital Questions by Charles H. Spurgeon.

Charles Spurgeon answers essential spiritual questions. Will God be merciful if we come to him? Are we worshiping for selfish reasons? Are we responsible for others in our teachings, example and sharing of the gospel? Do we truly "know" Christ, or do we only know doctrine and facts about Christ? Are we prepared to die? How do we obtain faith? Are we on the Lord's side in different life issues? and Do we really believe on the Son of God? These are deep questions believers and unbelievers would benefit by earnestly answering. The twelve sermons are titled: Who Can Tell?, God or Self—Which?, Am I Clear of His Blood?, Do You Know Him?, Are You Prepared to Die?, How Can I Obtain Faith?, For Whom Is the Gospel Meant?, Am I My Brother's Keeper?, On Whose Side Are You?, May I?, And Why Not Me?, And the Question of Questions.

Paperback 6X9, 232 pages. link; ISBN 9781941281017

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