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The History of Hester Wilmot

The History of Hester WilmotThe History of Hester Wilmot by Hannah More

Rebecca Wilmot kept her house spotless for her own vanity’s sake. When her husband was messy, Rebecca would fly out in a terrible passion, and Hester would have to run and hide. Hester saved her shillings for a new gown for the May-day party, but her father had a gambling habit. Hester shines in the end with a good and hopeful heart in the face of adversity.

Paperback 4X6, 80 pages, link, ISBN 9781941281772, Vintage Chapbook Series

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The Cottage Cook & The Sunday School

The Cottage Cook and the Sunday SchoolThe Cottage Cook & The Sunday School by Hannah More

Full title: The Cottage Cook, Mrs. Jones's cheap dishes: showing the way to do much good with little money.

In The Cottage Cook Mrs. Jones learns that “going about and doing good” would lift her spirits and would cost nothing. She became a good Samaritan and helped keep the village merchants honest. The “cottage cook” set up a school to teach villagers how to save money by cooking at home and other household skills.

In The Sunday School Mrs. Jones explains about her school and details the problems of finding a good school mistress. She exhorts people to read good books and explains the importance of Christian behavior.

Paperback 4X6, 90 pages, link, ISBN  9781941281758, Vintage Chapbook Series

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The Rev. Legh Richmond's Letters and Counsels to His Children

Legh Richmond's Letters to His ChildrenThe Rev. Legh Richmond's Letters and Cousels to His Children by Legh Richmond and Fanny Richmond.

Selected from His Memoir and “Domestic Portraiture” with an Account of the Closing Scene of His Life Written by His Daughter Fanny Richmond

Legh Richmond imparts wisdom to his children through letters which include lists of good behavior, topical studies and poems. Amidst the swirl of life with twelve children he pleas for closer relationships and hearts that love God. Occasions like birthdays, marriages, ministry, sickness, and death, add gravity to his sentiments. While his counsel is wisdom for children, his loving caring attitude is a good example for parents. The letter from his daughter Fanny recounts Rev. Richmond’s last days. It reveals a father who left letters in their rooms as the preferred method of communication. Fanny states that he was a sensitive person who had an excellent perception of the beauty of the outdoors. She closed her letter with her hope for his legacy because “the seed of the righteous is not forsaken.”

Paperback 6X9, 138 pages, link, ISBN 9781941281796

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The Child's Book on Repentance

The Child's Book on RepentanceThe Child's Book on Repentance: Designed Also for Older Persons by Thomas H. Gallaudet.

“The book was written to be studied, and reviewed and recited by children of a suitable age, to establish in their minds correct and abiding views of one of the fundamental doctrines of the Gospel.” Written in the format of a mother’s conversation with her children, the topics include different kinds of sorrow, what is sin, selfishness, and free agency. Many examples are given of false repentance and its forms. True repentance requires one to discern motivations, and to adopt the right understanding. Repentance “will be of no use unless it proceeds from a heart-felt sorrow for your sins, as committed against a wise, holy, just and good God. It will be of no use, unless you feel also a sincere reliance on Jesus Christ as your only Savior. It will be of no use, if it is made in your own strength.” The title page states that the book was written for children, but mentions it is “designed also for older persons.”

Paperback 6X9, 124 pages, link, ISBN 9781941281789

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The History of Mr. Fantom

The History of Mr. FantomThe History of Mr. Fantom: The New-Fashioned Philosopher and His Man William by Hannah More

Mr. Fantom took up studying popular philosophy as a way to “draw public notice and distinguish himself” in society. His mind was filled with vain imaginations and grandiose plans that he espoused at his hangout called the Cat and Bagpipes. However, Mr. Trueman asked him to do good and challenged him to offer simple help to someone nearby. This idea was simply too mundane for such a high minded fellow who was solving the world’s problems, so he did nothing about it. This story unfolds in a tense debate between these two different outlooks.
This chapbook was written to counteract the influences of people such as Thomas Paine, who wrote “Rights of Man” and “Age of Reason” that were widely circulated during this period, in cheap editions, and were regarded as a negative influence.

Paperback 4X6; 92 pages; link; ISBN 9781941281802; Vintage Chapbook Series

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Pay-NightPay-Night: A Dialogue on Saturday Evening by Rev. John Haslock.

William and Robert debated how to best spend their time. After their pay-night, Robert wanted to celebrate the Sabbath and William wanted to go boating. Robert wins the debate detailing the many blessings of keeping the Sabbath. There is warning to the reader of the evils of profaning the Sabbath.

Paperback 4X6, 42 pages; link; ISBN 9781941281819, Vintage Chapbook Series

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Ann Eliza Williams

Ann Eliza WilliamsAnn Eliza Williams: The Child a Hundred Years Old by William S. Plumer

Ann Eliza Williams’ witness of Christian devotion and testimony of the Spirit’s work in her is an inspiration to anyone. Ten-year-old Ann embraced a strong Christian faith and earnestly held fast to God as she underwent suffering with a terminal illness. The account related by Rev. William S. Plumer during the early nineteenth century, gives a detailed study of her Christian character.

Paperback 4X6, 48 pages, link; ISBN 9781941281826, Vintage Chapbook Series

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A Threefold Cord

A Threefold CordA Threefold Cord: A Precept, Promise, and Prayer from the Holy Scriptures for Every Day in the Year by American Tract Society.

“A Threefold Cord” is a selection of three Bible verses for every day of the year. The trio consists of a precept, a promise, and a prayer that are threaded together by the same spiritual truth. The title taken from Ecclesiastes 4:12: “A threefold cord is not quickly broken” when applied to three related scripture verses gives the reader a strong cord of truth to hold fast to. The verses are in the King James Version. This book was originally published as a miniature three by two and a half inches, but now is republished in the six by nine inch format for easier reading.

Paperback 6X9; 134 pages; link; ISBN 9781941281741

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The Silver Lining

The Silver LiningThe Silver Lining: Messages of Hope and Cheer by John H. Jowett.

Knowing the silver lining in life requires the discernment of Biblical principles. This book shows applications of Romans 8:28 with examples to help a person rest in God. Sorrow can accomplish what comfort and calm prosperity would always fail to do, because sometimes the tempest is needed to bring out the power and strength in one’s music. Loneliness has the silver lining of drawing us to the presence of the understanding Lord. Waiting produces eagles wings which moves our mind to things above. Clouds in life are a dwelling place of God and bring “fertilizing rains”—“The cloud experience is the minister not only of enrichment, but of enlargement.” John J. Jowett brings messages of encouragement and joy to help a believer know God’s goodness.

Paperback 6X9; 142 pages; link; ISBN 9781941281734


Words Encouraging to Right Faith and Conduct

Words Encouraging to Right Faith and ConductWords Encouraging to Right Faith and Conduct by Matthew Henry. Complied by John S. Sherman.

This devotional contains over 170 quotes from Matthew Henry’s writings. John Sherman, the compiler, states in the book’s Preface: “Matthew Henry was an English divine who wrote in the eighteenth century, distinguished for his devotional spirit, practical piety, sound common sense, and intelligent views of the teachings of the Bible. In view of the life and character of so good and gifted a person, it is hoped these selections will be received with favor, displace reading that is frivolous, correct that which is erroneous, and promote morality and religion. Some of the sentences will find response in many minds.”

Paperback 5.25X8, 44 pages, link, ISBN 9781941281710.