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History of Corporal Murray, of the U.S. Infantry

Histroy of Corporal MurrayHistory of Corporal Murray, of the U.S. Infantry by Jeremiah Porter.

James Murray was a restless soul born in Ireland. He sailed over to  Canada and opened a drugstore. When business success did not come he enlisted in the U. S. Army. He was frequently intoxicated and indulged in profane swearing. He feared to trust his soul to Jesus, even though a spiritual awakening was happening in his company. He finally saw his depravity and trusted Christ. He soon after contracted cholera and died.

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Religious Poems

Relious PoemsReligious Poems by Elizabeth Prentiss.

Elizabeth Prentiss wrote 122 poems that “depict some of the deepest experiences of her Christian life . . . they are her tears of joy or of sorrow, her cries of anguish, and her songs of love and triumph.” The epigraph states: “The testimony of one soul is the experience of thousands.” As Harper’s Magazine (1874) wrote: “These poems . . . will give strength to many that feel the weariness, and faint under it, and that need just this cry of a labored trust as a means of conduct to the higher experience of joyous trust.”

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The Robbers' Cave

The Robbers' CaveThe Robbers' Cave: A Tale of Italy by A.L.O.E.

Horace and his mother Mrs. Cleveland embarked on a journey through dangerous robber infested country. The adventures that followed in a remote cave show how God was at work in those who were held captive. Horace was shackled for ransom; but the robbers were bound by different chains. A.L.O.E. blazes a trail to being set free in Christ. “The Bible was to him as the Father’s letter, treasured in the bosom of the Son; as the charter by which he held all his dearest hopes; as the ‘pardon signed and sealed’ granted to the prisoner by the grace of his King.”

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On Searching the Scriptures

On Searching the ScripturesOn Searching the Scriptures by John Newton.

John Newton gave two sermons “On searching the Scriptures” as found in John 5:39, with the stated purpose to “engage you to search the Scriptures. Remember it is the command of our Lord Jesus Christ; it is the only appointed way to the knowledge of him, whom to know, so as to love, serve, and to obey him, is both the foundation and the sum of our happiness here and hereafter.” Rev. Newton describes requisites to understanding the scriptures, how the scriptures testify about Christ, and the importance of this testimony of Christ.

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David Baldwin: The Miller's Son

David Baldwin:The Miller's SOnDavid Baldwin: The Miller's Son by Rev. William Crookshank.

David Baldwin (1810-1833) was the son of a miller that lived on Long Island, New York. The account describes David as a student of the popular philosophies of the time. Rev. Crookshank entered into an ongoing conversation with him probing and exhorting him to turn to Jesus Christ for salvation. He experienced a remarkable death bed conversion in a complete turnaround from his former thinking.

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Help and Good Cheer

Help and Good CheerHelp and Good Cheer by Theodore L. Cuyler.

Dr. Cuyler addresses various topics to help a person see the light from God that has been obscured by the world. The 25 chapters are meant to nourish and cheer many souls. “It is according to God’s established economy that we should be exposed to temptations, and often to trials which threaten to drive us to despair. All this is to teach us our dependence upon Him.” “And oh, how often God surprises us after a long day of struggles and discouragements by a glorious outburst of light at evening time!”

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The Progressive Work of Grace

The Progresive Work of GraceThe Progressive Work of Grace: Three Stages of a Believer's Experience by John Newton.

Rev. John Newton describes how God’s grace changes a person during the three stages of spiritual maturity found in Mark 4:28, of the Blade, the Ear, and the Full Corn in the Ear. The “Blade’s” characteristic is “desire,” or eagerness in his new life. The “Ear’s” characteristic is “conflict,” with many trials. The “Full corn in the ear’s” characteristic is “contemplation,” drawing upon much experience. Using this outline a believer can identify general states of sanctification to help work out their own salvation, as God works in them.

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Eliza Cunningham

Eliza CunninghamEliza Cunningham: A Monument to the Praise of the Lord’s Goodness, and to the Memory of Dear Eliza Cunningham by John Newton.

Eliza Cunningham (1771–1785), was adopted by the Rev. John Newton in 1782. She was the daughter of James and Elizabeth Cunningham. Elizabeth was the sister of John Newton’s wife, Mary. Consumption had gripped this 14-year-old niece, but she was a treasure in character. Her father, brother, sister and then her mother had passed away and entered the joy of their Lord. John Newton had taken a special liking to her and gave her much loving care. This account was originally written only for friends, but then published widespread because of demand.

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Thoughts Concerning the King

Thoughts Concerning the KingThoughts Concerning the King by Elizabeth Prentiss.

Elizabeth Prentiss was a devoted follower of Jesus who wrote down a portion of her life’s accumulated wisdom. The preface states: “These selections were originally made for private use. By permission of Dr. Prentiss they are now published in their present form.” The book is a collection of short but weighty paragraphs of text and poetry.

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George Lovell

George LovellGeorge Lovell by Joshua N. Danforth

George Lovell was the fictitious name Joshua Danforth used to describe the subject of this narrative. The prayer of George’s mother, when he was born, was that he would be consecrated to the Lord for the work of the ministry. He lived as a man of the world who loved dancing, but then had a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit. The author gives parents an exhortation to pray earnestly for their children’s future. This account is said to be autobiographical, because of the exact similarities with the author’s own life.

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